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Deluxe Student Package

Deluxe Student Package

For those who wish to send a "little more for their child", the Deluxe Student Package contains a large size Mak's Bake Shop Chocolate Cake, A package of Mak's Bake Shop Chocolate Chip Cookies, 2 Full Size Cliks Chocolate Bars, A bag of Doritos, A bag of Potato Chips, 2 individual packages of Taáman Sour Sticks alll beautifully wrapped in cellophane packaging with a decorative bow.
  • Order and Delivery Info

    Orders must be placed by Sunday March 5th. Price includes the cost of delivery to most Yeshivot/Seminaries in Jerusalem/Beit Shemesh/ Ramat Beit Shemesh.  Deliveries will be made from Sunday March 5th through Friday March 10th before Purim and therefore do not constitute a halachic mishloach manot.  If you wish to pay by check please inquire for mailing instructions beforehand.

    Mishloach Manot can also be  delivered to an individual home in  the Jerusalem/Beit Shemesh area for an additional $15 delivery charge.

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