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A Little History


Guests were always commenting how Aviya's cakes are better than anything they have tasted commercially.  As the compliments grew in number we explored how we could market our cakes while still keeping our home baked taste.  We came up with a formula of selling in Yeshivas and Seminaries in the Yerushalayim/Beit Shemesh area.  Everyone needs a gift to take with them when they are hosted for Shabbos, when they bring a Mak's cake they take with them an informal guarantee of a return invite.  Through the overseas student programs people have become familiar with our products and request for our products have come in from the North and South of Israel.  Currently, we offer our baked goods in the Yerushalayim and Beit Shemesh areas.  All of our baked goods are pareve and nut free (though the fillings we use for our apple/blueberry/cherry cakes do carry a warning that they may contain trace amounts of nuts,gluten,sesame and milk (as they are made on a dairy production line that has been kashered to pareve).  We are under the kosher lemehadrin hashgacha of the Vaad Hakashrus of Beitar-Harav Dovid Tzvi Ordentlich Chief Ashkenazi Rav of Beitar who certify as well our exclusive use of Bedatz Eida Chareidis ingredients.

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