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Your child's birthday in Israel is an important opportunity to let your child know that even far away they are at the forefront of your thoughts.  Sending a Mak's Bake Shop birthday cake is a great way to let your child know you care to send the very best.  At Mak's we believe the taste of the cake is what leaves the lasting impression.



A 9X13 is a nice way for your child to share their birthday with a few friends.   Approximately 20-25 servings.

Heart Shaped Cake
Price: $45


Like our 9X13 a heart shaped cake serves approximately 20-25 pieces.

Price: $50


The 11X13 premium choice serves approximately 30-35 pieces.  Let's your child celebrate with an expanded group of friends (or will make him new friends eager to share in the simcha).

*All of our birthday cakes are available as either a chocolate, vanilla pound or marble cake with a choice of chocolate, white or pink glaze.  Delivery to the Yerushalayim/Beit Shemesh area is $12.

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