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Quarantine Discount

  We would like to offer parents an affordable option to send their children small packages during this quarantine period.  Starting from just $15 including delivery we will be delivering packages to your children in Yeshivas and Seminaries in much of the Yerushalayim/Beit Shemesh/RBS area.  For all other areas and the outlying portions of Yerushalayim (i.e. Neveh Yaakov, Ramot, Mevaseret, Telz Stone, Pisgat Zeev, Givat Zeev, etc. please check with us for the cost of delivery.  If a "bulk delivery" can be arranged amongst the parents to an institution we may be able to offer the discount to these and other areas as well).  Orders must be in by midnight Wednesday night.

   We hope that the fresh home baked taste of a Mak's cake sent from home will help to ease the difficulty of quarantine if even just a little bit.  Use the coupon code QuarantineCorner at checkout to receive the $10 delivery discount for any of the items on this page.

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